The Salame Nostrano

With garlic, without garlic

Salami is the undisputed protagonist of the Friuli tradition. Del Ben salamis are produced faithfully following the tradition and the regional recipe.

The selection of the best cuts of meat coming exclusively from Italian pigs is the prerogative behind the full range of all our salami and makes sure that our entire production chain is ITALIAN.
Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and a constant control of the production process we guarantee the high quality of the finished product, a prized result without gluten and lactose sources.

Different flavors, specialties that vary in size and ingredients, to offer a variety of tastes, ranging from the classic flavor with garlic or without garlic to the one with a little of chili pepper.

Gluten FreeLactose Free

Art. CodeDescriptionAvg. Size
0001Salame With Garlic “The classic”0,600-0,700 Kg
0021Salame Without Garlic0,600-0,700 Kg
1105Salame with garlic (not seasoned for cooking) vacuum sealed0,600-0,700 Kg – To be cooked before eat
Salame sliced