Ossocollo Seasoned

The Ossocollo or Coppa is a seasoned salami prepared using the muscles of the pig’s neck. Del Ben uses selected meats because the processing is delicate and time consuming. They are uniformly salted and carefully massaged by hand to promote the absorption of salt, wine, garlic and spices. It is left to rest for a few days before bagging.
The natural necked gut gives to the product a homogeneous consistency. The slice at cutting, is compact, of an intense red and rosy-white color. It is great for sandwiches, to prepare aperitifs, or as a support for various types of dishes.

Gluten FreeLactose Free

Art. CodeDescriptionAvg. Size
0007Ossocollo SeasonedKg. 1,600 – 1,700
0491Ossocollo Seasoned 1/2 piece vacuum sealedKg. 0,800 – 0,850