Our Territory…

…Where is located the Salumificio Del Ben and surroundings of Maniago City.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia is an exceptionally diverse Italian Region both from a geomorphological and naturalistic point of view. This is also reflected in culture, dialects and gastronomic traditions. In our place, cooking and the land are inextricably linked. Friuli Venezia Giulia for its geographical position has always been a place of passage, characterized by meetings of different peoples and cultures, and therefore its traditional products and flavors are mixed.

The Salumificio Del Ben Ernesto is located in Maniago known for being The City of Knives thanks to its centuries-old tradition and importance in the sector.

The establishment is located at the foot of Mount Jouf, and it is giving its back to Fontanute “Fontanutis” (which also gives its name to the little church) whose breeze caresses the Salumificio all year long, and making even the hottest summer more bearable. Precisely this characteristic position plays a fundamental role for the Del Ben family in the maturation and seasoning of their products.